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Our Inspection Services

General Home Inspections - Real Estate Transactions

We will inspect your prospective purchase following the TREC guidelines. This inspection will include roof, plumbing, windows, doors, electrical, foundation and more. The written report is provided to you and your realtor, and can be used to negotiate repairs prior to purchase.

New Construction Inspections

We also perform inspections for NEW CONSTRUCTION homes. You may opt for Phase to Final Product Inspections or you can schedule us for an inspection just prior to your final walk-thru with the Builder.

Phase Inspections include: Phase 1- Pre-Pour, done just before the foundation is poured.  This inspection checks the work just before concrete is poured over the plumbing, post-tensioned cables, etc. 

Phase 2-Pre-Drywall or Framing Inspection, done after framing is completed, just before drywall is installed.  The is the only opportunity for the inspector to see what's behind the walls.  Electrical wiring, etc.will be covered after this Phase.  

And Final Product Inspection, this is after the home is completed, with all windows/doors/appliances, etc. installed.

Barns - detached garages - aerobic septic - swimming pools

Rural properties often have barns, shops or aerobic septic systems. These are all optional inspections that can be added to your General Home Inspection.

We also perform inspections on in-ground pools and spas.

Builder Warranty Inspection

You've been in your new construction home for almost a year. Your Builder's Warranty will be expiring soon. You've noticed some paint peeling, some doors not shutting properly and a few other items. You have plans to submit your list to the builder before the warranty expires. But what about those items that are not clearly evident to you? That's where an 11th Month Warranty Inspection can be beneficial.

A trained and experienced inspector will look a little deeper than the cosmetic issues of your home. Rainier Property Inspections will perform a TREC inspection into the Structural, Electrical, HVAC, Plumbing and Appliance components of your home.

Upon completion you will be provided with a detailed report of any deficiencies found, including photos. And you will be provided with a summary page to submit to your builder.

Rental / Investment Property Inspection

Investors often buy homes on an AS IS basis, however, an inspection of the property can give you insight to the potential repairs and maintenance issues ahead. This inspection can often help determine if the investment is worth the risk

What about the Wood Destroying Insect Inspection ?

(aka - Termite Inspection)

In the State of Texas, WDI inspections must be performed by a licensed certified applicator or technician. WDIRs are governed by the Texas Department of Agriculture. (RULE §7.175)

For this reason, we coordinate with locally owned Licensed Pest Control Services to conduct the WDI inspection in conjunction with our General Home Inspection.

ShowingTime & 

SupraKey Access

RPI has access to both ShowingTime and SupraKey.  This also allows us to be able to work with directly with clients when scheduling your inspection.

Inspection Report

Your Inspection Report is completed following the TREC requirements.  

We team with Spectora to create and publish your report.  

Reports are provided same day.

Members of GDWCAR and InterNACHI


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